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Things tend to get a bit chaotic when were are busy. If you're new, here are a few things to keep in mind when you join us. 

Step One: Take it all in

Yes, there might be people all over the place, but take in the vibe. We've created a space with lots of energy buzzing around. Don't be scared, people tend to be pretty friendly around here. Once you've got your bearings, move on to step two. 


Step Two: Hop in line

Two lines normally form. One for the bar and one for food. We ask that you don't order food in the bar line. This tends to get things all mucked up when it comes to kitchen flow. While you're in line, you can decide what you'd like to eat. We've got chalkboards with our menu, or there are actual, printed menus by the bar register and the food register.


Step Three: Scan for a seat

We've only got so much room, which means we only have so many seats available. If you spot an empty table or seat, grab it! We've also got a great patio if you'd like to sit out in the fresh Fruita air. 


Step Four: Ordering

We don't have wait staff, so please make sure you order everything at the appropriate counters. If you've ordered food to-go, you can hit up whatever line is smaller. 


Step Five: ENJOY!

We are all about the experience of spending time with friends and family. So, enjoy yourself and unwind. You can even tell a story or two about the amazing adventures you experienced that day. 


A Note On Our Dough

We hand make our pizza dough daily, and allow it to proof for 24 hrs before use. As such, we are limited by the quantity of how much we can both make and proof.


Our absolute top quantity of dough we can make is 400 dough balls. This means that we occasionally run out of dough on hectic days. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but we believe in the craft, not in mass production.


We hope you understand and appreciate the love that goes into making your pizza.​We also hand stretch our dough and make each pizza to order. Hand stretching takes time.


Please anticipate 45-60 minutes for your pizza when it is busy. Don't worry; your beer can be in your hand in a much, much quicker time frame.


We keep things fresh


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124 N. Mulberry St, Fruita, CO 81521 | (970) 858-1117
Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday 11am - 8pm (ish)

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