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Hot Tomato's 1% Sponsorship Program

Like offering excellent, quality food to our community, we also love to spread the financial joy to others that work so hard to make our community great. Our monthly sponsorship program works to help raise money for those non-profit groups that are doing the good work by offering a donation of 1% of our total sales for the month.


What's expected of me to be considered?

  • You are a non-profit group that works within the Western Slope area to improve the community in some way

  • You have read all of the information presented here and can fulfill the requirements

  • Fill out the application (linked below) 


What can I expect from the Hot Tomato if offered a sponsorship?

  • Your group will receive 1% of Hot Tomatos total sales for the month you are selected

  • We will share your group on all of our social media platforms

  • You will be featured on our website during your month with links to your website

  • We will provide a venue for your group to host an event at the hot tomato where you can spread the word about your organization and the work you do.

  • You can distribute printed material and advertisements of your organization at the restaurant

  • You will receive sponsorship check within 30 days of the conclusion of your month


What is expected of my group if offered sponsorship?

  • You should announce on your social media platforms and/or website of the partnership and encourage people to visit. Every dollar we make during your month directly helps you as well!

  • We request printed material to be designed and printed by you and delivered to us by the first day of your sponsorship month:

    • Napkin Holder Ads (40) 4.25” X 6.5” horizontally designed, These will go on all tables and let guests know about your group and our partnership

    • Window Posters (5) 11” x 17” vertically designed. These will be hung around the restaurant letting guests know about your group and our partnership

  • Send a representative to our staff DOR Meeting​ first Wednesday of the month at 4pm to inform our staff of your organization so we can effectively communicate to guests about you.

  • Social Media posts at least weekly during your month of sponsorship. Please share and tag The Hot Tomato in these posts so we can share them with our network of followers to maximise your exposure

  • Plan an event at The Hot Tomato (this is not required but highly encouraged)

    • You can do pretty much whatever you like here: set up an informational booth and talk to guests, plan a party and invite your network, even book a live musical act (weather permitting)

    • Ask your Hot Tomato Sponsorship Liason about ideas and help with setting up an event!

While we wish it were possible to help every group that applies, please keep in mind that with only 12 opportunities a year to sponsor a group, spots are limited and we will choose those that best align with our company's core values. We will let you know if you have been selected or not within 30 days of receiving your application. 

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