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frequently asked questions

We do not take reservations. We are counter servicing first come first serve

Do you take reservations?
How do I get a table?

The easiest way to ensure you can find seating is to dine with us prior to the peak dinner rush hours. These are usually between 5-7pm in the winter time, and 5:30 to 8pm in the spring through fall

Do you deliver?

We offer dine in and take out only, we do not deliver

Why are you closed Sunday and Monday?

Quality of life for ourselves and for our staff. It is why we all choose to call Fruita home, and it is important to us that our crew gets ample time to refresh and reboot and play outdoors and enjoy our wonderful backyard.

How come you run out of dough sometimes?

We make all of our dough in house, by hand. Once we mix and shape the dough balls, they proof in our walk in refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hrs. Allowing the dough to proof before use allows the yeast to ferment, and the gluten and the sugars to properly develop. This creates what we all look for in pizza crust; a slightly chewy interior with an outer layer of crispness to the crust. We Tomatoes are nerdy number crunchers, and the amount of dough we make each day is based upon formulaic usage averages that we have tallied over years of tracking our pizzas sold vs total sales numbers. Really, we spreadsheet this stuff. What this means is that when we forecast our sales for a certain amount for the day (which we do for every single day of the year) we make our dough numbers to reflect those sales forecasts. This system works great unless we happen to have a day where we greatly exceed our sales forecasts, and then, you guessed it, we run out of dough. Why don't we just make extra you might ask? We do always give ourselves a bit of a buffer, but dough gets funky if allowed to sit for too long, and we are also limited simply by the sheer manpower (and ladypower) that it takes to make the stuff, so, long story short, sometimes we run out! 

Can I Pre-Order My Pizza?

If you're ordering more than 20 pizzas at a time, please call us (970) 858-1117 a few days before so we can be ready for your order. 

For any smaller amount of pre-order, you can do it the morning of your pickup! Our staff preps all the food in the morning and will answer the phone to take your order starting at 9 am. If you get voicemail, please try back. 

Is Your Side Patio Open All Year?

YES! You can sit on the side patio all year long. However, remember that it is only a seasonal patio, in terms of heating and insulation. When it is cold outside, it gets cold on the side patio, no matter how high the heater is turned up. If you're sitting out there in the winter at night, be sure to bundle up! 

Can I play music there?

First and foremost we focus on being a restaurant. On occasion we do have music on our back patio, but our priority is serving folks hot, delicious pizza pie, so music is not our number one concern. You are welcome to email us with details about your band (please provide links to some songs) but please understand that sometimes we don't respond to these requests. It's not personal, we just simply are not a concert booking venue. Thanks for understanding. 

How to Reheat Your Pizza or Stromboli
  1. Do you have a pizza stone? Yes? That's wonderful! No? It's okay, you can still have pizza.

  2. Heat your oven to 550 or as close to that as you can get.

  3. Place a pizza stone or baking pan in the oven while preheating. This gets the pan toasty!

  4. When the oven (and your dish) is to temp, place pizza / boli on the dish.

  5. Set the timer for 5 minutes for a pizza, 8 minutes for stromboli. Check periodically! It may take more or less time depending on your oven.

  6. Bake your pizza or boli until it reaches your desired "doneness."

  7. Look for a nice, crisp bottom crust, and cheese that starts to bubble just slightly.

  8. Enjoy!

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