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Seeking a Donation from the Hot Tomato?

We have a couple options to choose from so please read below and apply for what

best fits your needs.

Our 1% Program

​Like offering excellent, quality food to our community, we also love to spread the financial joy to others that work so hard to make our community great.


Our monthly sponsorship program works to help raise money for those non-profit groups that are doing the good work by offering a donation of 1% of our total sales for the month. Because your donation amount is based on our sales, we will work together to bring as many people through the doors at the Hot Tomato as every dollar we make you benefit from!

We only offer this program to non-profit organizations that operate in the Grand Valley and who's visions align well with our own. Since this is a monthly program, spots can fill fast and we will chose the best fits and not every group will be able to be selected.

If your interested in more information and applying for our 1% Sponsorship



General Donation Requests

We wish we could honor every group that asks for donation, but we typically get 10-20 per week and unfortunately

that just isn't financially viable for a small business. We would still like to offer a small number of donations per month outside of the 1% Program. 

We make award decisions about donations based on our core values as a company and the following are things we'll take into consideration:

Are you requesting a donation for a non-profit group? We look for organizations and projects that will enhance our community and bring people together, make our community a better place, or enhance the lives of the people in it.

Do you share a community with us? We support projects happening in our neighborhood that make life more brilliant for us all and have a soft spot for the outdoors, schools, programs that help kids in our community and other groups that make a positive impact in our community.

Please keep in mind that the majority of the donations we can offer are gift cards and other door/raffle prizes. We do not typically give out cash donations or sponsorships.

All donation requests should be made at least 2 weeks ahead of time. It sometimes takes us longer than a couple of days to meet and discuss all of these awesome projects. Also, we have a fixed budget for donations each month which means we may not be able to fulfill your request.

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