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Our staffers are the coolest, and they are what makes the Hot Tomato so great and fun. Don't believe us? Learn more about them below. 


Aaron, aka Dad

Aaron grew up in Columbus, Indiana. He only meant to be in Fruita for a few months to mountain bike, but he loved it so much he decided to stay. When he's not keeping the "kids" in line at work, he train runs, mountain bikes, and enjoys woodworking.

His job at the Tomato is to make sure things are running smooth and that everyone has all the things they need. 

There are many inspiring parts of his job, like seeing how amazing and capable the staff is, talking to customers and hearing all the rad stories they come in telling. 

If Aaron was a superhero, his power would be flight. He just wants to see the mountains, canyons, and rivers as one big bumpy map. 



Jess is originally from Petaluma, Californa, but moved here to study Graphic Design at Colorado Mesa University. She enjoys spending time with her family and going to the gym outside of work hours. 

Jess does a little bit of everything, but boils her job down to leading, inspiring, and guiding the team at the Hot Tomato. 

The most inspiring part of her job is working with the fantastic team members at the HT. 

If she was a superhero, Jess's superpower would be teleportation. She'd love to get to all the places she wants to visit faster!

Yoga Pose

Kyle, aka KSR

KSR moved to the Grand Valley with his family when he was 10, but he was born in Pueblo. When he isn't at the HT he's super busy playing with his dog, Roby, playing video games, coaching youth football, floating the river, and cheering on the Broncos. 

He's a pizza maker at the Tomato.

The most inspiring part of his job is the people and the environment because Jen and Anne are inspiring to work for and with.


If KSR were a superhero, his superpower would be pausing time for an hour (or so) and pulling GREAT pranks.  



Marnie is from all up and down the East Coast, so she fits right into the Hot Tomato vibe. Especially since she started mountain biking in the area in 1996! Besides riding her bike, she rafts, and rides horses. 


You will almost never see her in the front of the house, those, as she is killing it in the back!

The best piece of advice Marnie has ever been given is, "F*ing go for it!"

If she could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve friends, a campfire and probably some beer. 


Sarah was born and raised in Fruita (lucky lady!). When she's not at work, which is rare according to Sarah, she enjoys spending time with Liam and Olivia. 

When asked what she does at the HT, it should have been what DOESN'T she do, because Sarah does it all, including throwing dough. 

She refuses to choose between cats and dogs, preferring both. 

If she weren't so damn good at her job Sarah would probably be "sad about how I suck at my job." 


Katie hails from Havre, Montana, which explains why she takes no guff! Her parents moved here in 1998 and she followed in the next year or two. Katie loves hiking and biking with her sweet doggy, Lola. 

You'll often see Katie at the bar, slinging drinks, but she also acts as cashier and anything else needed in the front-of-house.

The best piece of advice Katie has ever been given is, "Success is never owned. It's rented and rent is due every day!"

If Katie could invent a holiday it would definitely involve wine, whiskey, and Snoop Dogg. 



Matt is from Fruita and has grown up here. He enjoys going to the gym and also playing saxophone in his spare time. 

He is one of the pizza makers at the Hot Tomato. 

One of the most inspiring parts of Matt's job is being able to be around his friends while he works. 

If he were a superhero, Matt's superpower would be shooting pizza out of his eyeballs at the speed of light!



Dean was born in Arizona, but luckily, got to move to Fruita when his Dad's job required it. In his spare time he likes to play video games or workout. That seems like a good balance...

He's officially one of the oven dudes at the Tomato. 

When he was 5, Dean was pretty sure he'd be a para rescue jumper when he grew up. There's still time!

If Dean was a Hot Tomato pizza, he thinks he'd be the Thai Me Up...and we'll just let you guess the reasoning behind that answer. 



Jordan was lucky enough to be born and raised right here in Fruita, Colorado. Her parents moved here from Denver to get away from the crowds and mountain bike, so she benefited from their sound decision making!

If you see Jordan (she's a quick one) she can be doing everything at the Tomato - well, almost everything. She doesn't toss the dough. 

When she was 5, Jordan was pretty sure she wanted to be a vet when she grew up. 

When asked what kind of HT pizza she would be, she choose The Peach. Seasonal and sweet. 



Trevor was born in Utah, but quickly escaped to be able to grow up in the Grand Valley. His parents had friends living here already and want to hang out more. He likes to make clothes, ski, and play video games when he isn't working. 

At the Hot Tomato, Trevor is one the pizza makers!

When he was 5, he was pretty sure he'd be a rockstar when he grew up. 

If Trevor were a HT pizza, he thinks he'd be the Thai Me Up because "the Thai and Trevor both start with the letter T." Duh. 



Jason was born in Kansas, but his family moved shortly after he was born, so he got to grow up in Fruita. In his free time he plays Black Ops 4, rides bikes, and plays with his doggo friend. 

Jason is a boli expert at the HT. He also works on slices, dishes, and is a runner.

He can't choose a favorite between cats and dogs. He loves them both!

If Jason weren't so damn good at his job, he's probably be playing games, looking for his perfect job, or something else. He's not quite sure. 



TJ is originally from Minnesota, but moved here when he started school at Colorado Mesa University. He came to the right place, because he likes to Jeep and ski in his free time. 

He's mastered the salad, slice and dish stations at the HT. 

In another life, TJ is pretty sure he was a mechanic. 

If TJ won the lottery tomorrow, he'd start a race shop company. And, you know, keep working at the Tomato. 



Meagan is originally from Arizona, but was lucky enough to grow up in Fruita. When not working, she enjoys painting, coloring, and reading. 

Meagan is one of our fantastic pizza throwers at the Tomato. 

The most inspiring part of her job is the people that surround her. 

If Meagan was a superhero, her superpower would be sending good vies with crystals and gemstones. 


James was born and raised in Grand Junction. He likes to wake board in his free time, so he gets a little bored during the cold months. 

If you see a flash run by at the Tomato, it could be James running a pizza or salad to a lucky customer. 

In another life, he's pretty sure that he was a nerd. 

If James won the lottery tomorrow, he'd start an indoor wake board facility. And, you know, keep working here. 


Tristan is originally from Fruita and hasn't wanted to leave our fantastic community. When you don't see him at the Hot Tomato, you can probably find him at the gym, playing video games, or enjoying poetry. 

Tristan is one of our amazing bartenders!

The best piece of advice he's ever been given is if you do something you love, you'll never work another day in your life. 

If he could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve National Forest Day. 



Tanner was born and raised right here, in Fruita! He likes to read, write, play video games and ski in his free time, though he also has homework to complete. 

Tanner mostly work the front of house at the HT, so you get the chance to say "hi" to him more often. 

The best piece of advice he's ever been given is that i's okay to be sad sometimes. 

When asked if what holiday he would invent, if given the chance, he couldn't come up with a single one!


Born in Bellflower, California, Angel has family in Fruita, so he was able to be raised here. In his free time, he likes to play video games and listen to music. 

Angel is quickly becoming a master of all trades and works in many of the departments at the Tomato. 

The most inspiring part of his job is the amazing co-workers make the HT feel like home. 

If he were a superhero, Angel's superpower would be the ability to make Snickers bars appear out of his pockets. 


Nancy was born and raised in Grand Junction and it shows! Anytime she isn't at work, she just wants to be outside. 

At the Hot Tomato, you can find Nancy working the cash register, salad station, or prepping for the day to come!

When asked if she prefers cats or dogs more, she can't decide. She loves them both. 

If she weren't so damn good at her job, Nancy would probably be sleeping and travelling! 



John was born in Mishawaka, Indiana, but had his teen years in Laingsburg, Michigan. He claims that he found his way to our Valley with a map and a dart. Lucky toss. 

When asked what he does at the HT, John simply answers that he "delivers awesomeness."

The advice that John would give a candidate who wants to join the HT team of superstars would be, "Be yourself and always keep one eye on KSR."

John's favorite word in the English language is kitten. "You have cat to be KITTEN me right meow." 

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